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The “Friends of Norwood” is a group of people who love and care for the work and ministry of Norwood Retreat Centre and are prepared to give voluntary support on a regular or occasional basis. The role of “Friends of Norwood” is critical to achieving a sound financial basis for the future of Norwood.

The activities of “Friends of Norwood” are to be overseen by a coordinator, appointed by the Management Team, to administer the scheme. The coordinator will work with the Management Team to ascertain the specific needs for Volunteer assistance and prepare rotas and provide supervision for the volunteer work to be done.

“Friends of Norwood” will be kept informed of what is going on at the Centre by a regular quarterly newsletter as well as through the website. As well as providing briefings on how work is to be done, the coordinator will ensure that Friends are competent and able to complete the tasks they are given. Appropriate training will be given where needed ensuring that Health and Safety requirements are met including those relating to Safeguarding.

Practical work done by Friends could include some or all of the following (the list is not exhaustive):

Helping with bookings – eg opening up, checking facilities etc
Acting as stewards at events.
Maintenance – repairing equipment, building repairs, plumbing, painting.
Financial support – giving money to support the work of the Centre as a one off gift, regular donation or bequests.
Prayer Partners who will pray regularly for Norwood.
Attending Services and Programme events.
Organising, supporting and attending fundraising activities.


“Friends of Norwood” are invited to pay a modest annual subscription of £15 (waived for those who are not able).
Those doing work on the site will be asked to sign a volunteer agreement which sets out the basis on which voluntary work is to be done. This agreement ensures that Safeguarding requirements are understood and accepted. Volunteers who come into contact with children and vulnerable adults in the course of their work may also be asked to meet further safeguarding requirements.

A “Friends of Norwood” day is to be held at the Centre at least once a year to keep members up to date and to share fellowship. This will also provide opportunity for Friends to share ideas and feedback. A “Friends of Norwood” page on the website will be kept up to date with matters of interest to members.

Within the Wharfedale and Aireborough Circuit, each of the Churches will be encouraged to appoint an Ambassador, who will not only be a Friend of Norwood but will undertake to keep the Church informed of what is going on at the Centre and act as a point of contact. Appropriate up to date information on Norwood will be made available to Ambassadors to strengthen the link between Norwood and the Churches.

The support of “Friends of Norwood” is a key component of keeping Norwood Retreat Centre and Church open both in financial terms as well as enabling the mission of Hospitality, Healing and Wholeness to be fulfilled.
Iif you would be interested in becoming a Friend of Norwood please contact us via email, FaceBook or website. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Kindest regards
Norwood Management Team